Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Balloon Festival with Grammy and Pop

Our town always has the Balloon Festival in October that we loved attending, but this year we also were able to go to the Balloon Festival in Grammy and Pop's hometown. I have to say their festival was a lot different than the one we have back home, but Eli and I had such a great time! I loved that the balloons were in a huge field so we were able to walk up and see each and every balloon. At our festival you can't really do that because we don't have as much space. The admission at the one where Grammy and Pop live was only $5, too! I was so shocked at that, but I guess when you have such a large number of people who attend you can go down a little on the price of admission. There were a lot of activities for the little kids (face painting, petting zoo, magic show, tethered balloon rides), lots of carnival food vendors, a great band, and even a fireworks show. We had a wonderful time enjoying it all! 
Sweet cousins

Eli and Tinsley were excited about their mini hot air balloons Pop bought for them. 

This kid is so much fun! 

I loved seeing all these balloons! 
I hated that I didn't have my "real" camera and had to use my phone. 

Eli went around to all the different balloon pilots to collect their trading card (a little card telling about the name behind the balloon, where they're from, and who the pilot is)

The balloon glow was one of my favorite parts.

I can't wait to attend their festival again next year. We had such a great time! 

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