Saturday, December 26, 2015

September iPhone Pictures

I'm finding myself taking more and more pictures with my phone on a daily basis than with my real camera. Here are some of our daily highlights from September. They capture sweet moments of our family and our life. I'm thankful for the portability of my phone because it makes remembering these moments so easy. 

Tinsley and Eli checking on Caleb's lizard thingys. 

Eli was chosen as the Super Student the first week in September. 
He loved being the line leader every day for his class. 
This was the poster we decorated to go in the hall. 

Seeing the dentist for his six-month check-up. He LOVES our dentist!

Eli wrote me a note for my lunchbox.

It made my heart so happy :)

Picture of the bridges on one of my early morning long runs. 

The last harvest of the bell peppers. We had them coming out of our ears!

"Shaving" like Daddy in the bathtub one night. 

Eli and I went by the co-op one morning for gardening supplies.
We were in the right place at the right time and got to see a HUGE alligator that had just been caught.

It was HUGE!

Eli loved getting to see an alligator up close!

Bike ride down to the river later on that evening with Daddy. 

We celebrated Mom's 54th birthday.

Dinner at Zue-Zue's house

My sweet boy and me after school one day. 

The fall burlap banner I made for our house with the velvet pumpkins 
I picked up at Hobby Lobby last year for 75% off. Score!

When we were visiting my Mom and Dad Josh called to let me know late one night that he was in the ER because he sliced his finger to the bone trying to take down a pop-up tent at a festival in town. Thankfully, Reve, his secretary and our soon-to-be cousin, was able to take him to the ER. 
I hated not being there to take care of him! Multiple stitches later he was better.

Eli's journal from school the Monday after Josh hurt his finger. 
It made me smile and it was definitely a keeper!

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