Monday, January 4, 2016

Eli's 7th Birthday

This year for Eli's birthday I found myself reminiscing about the past 7 years we've had with our precious little boy. It's hard to believe that 7 years have come and gone so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that Josh placed him in my arms and I got to see that sweet little face for the first time. It makes my heart so sad and so happy at the same time. I tell Josh this all the time but I really feel like I have savored and enjoyed every single day of every single year with Eli. I don't feel like I rushed or took anything for granted. I truly feel like I celebrated every milestone and moment and enjoyed it to its fullest. I'm not trying to pat myself on the back or anything like that, but I would attribute being able to make those statements because of all the mamas who have gone before me.-Nicki, Sarah, and Torri just to name a few. They all really impressed on me to enjoy the moment and every single day with my baby, the highs and the lows. I truly feel like Josh and I have done that and continue to do so each day. We are so incredibly grateful for Eli. He has changed our lives in so many ways and we love him so much! 

This year Eli's actual birthday fell on a Friday so we planned on doing cupcakes at school with his class and then a family dinner that night. Thursday night before his birthday I decorated our breakfast table with a Happy Birthday banner, balloons, and set out a couple of the gifts he had already received. I also put balloons and streamers all in the hallway for him to walk through when he got up the next morning. I love making the house festive and fun for his special day.

Before going to bed I also finished the cupcakes for his class the next day. This year since Eli has really been into all things involving the great outdoors we did a camping themed birthday. I made campfire cupcakes for his class with tootsie rolls, orange and red colored icing, and red sprinkles. I thought they turned out pretty cute :)

Eli woke up the next morning, opened his gifts from Jonah & Micah and a little present from us, and ate a special birthday breakfast-chocolate chip pancakes. Then it was time to get ready for school. He was so excited about going to school on his birthday!

We went outside before leaving to take a couple of pictures by his birthday wreath. This poor thing needs a makeover in the worst way, but Eli loves it. I can't believe he's 7!!

Looking so big and so handsome.

During my planning period, I walked down to Eli's class for his birthday celebration. He was having a great day and was excited to pass out his campfire cupcakes to his friends in his class. 

I sat with him for a few minutes while they all enjoyed their cupcakes and juice. Being able to be a the same school as my little guy is such a blessing! I love that I was able to walk down the hall and see him on his special day.

Jonah and Micah got him a joke book and a science kit for his birthday. He brought the joke book to school that morning, and I found out he had been telling his teacher jokes all day. He loved the book!

Before I went back to my classroom, I took a few pictures of Eli with some of his friends. 

Eli and Cooper

Eli and Thomas

Eli and Scott

Eli with his teachers
Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Freeman

When we got home from school later on that day, Eli couldn't wait to try out the first experiment from his science kit. 

Normally, Friday nights are pizza and movie nights for our family, but Eli wanted to eat at Popeye's instead for his birthday meal. I volunteered to cook anything he wanted, but he really wanted Popeye's red beans and rice, chicken, biscuit, and a Fanta orange drink. It's what he gets every single time and he loves it! 

His party was originally scheduled to be the next day, but there was a 100% chance of rain so I sent out a text and moved it to Sunday instead. I'm glad I did that because the next day it rained and it poured! I used my extra day to get everything ready for his party, clean up the house for our guests (Grammy, Pop, and Tinsley), and enjoy my little boy's birthday weekend! 

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