Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thanksgiving in Texas-Legoland Discovery Center

This year for Thanksgiving we started our week long break a little early and went to visit Grandpa E in Texas. We wanted to spend some time with him and with Josh's brother's family before Thanksgiving. We left Thursday after school and got there late that night. Friday morning we woke up and after a yummy breakfast at Waffle House we decided to take Eli to the Legoland Discovery Center. 

We bought our tickets and waited around for a few minutes before they let us in the doors. Eli was very excited to go. He is very much into Legos these days.

I think if Eli had to name which part was his favorite he would probably say building the Lego cars and getting to race them. I tried not to think about how many germy hands had touched these exact Legos. Let's just say that Eli washed his hands REALLY WELL when we left that day!

Eli raced cars, went through the Ninjago laser game to test his Ninja skills, played on the playground, and rode on the Lego laser gun ride twice. We certainly made the most of our time there! 

I thought the mini mock-ups of famous spots around the Dallas area were pretty neat looking. 

We watched a short 3D Lego movie featuring the Lego hero Clutch Powers, rode the laser ride one more time, and then left the Lego Center. My overall review would be that it was just okay. Eli had fun, but the price you pay for the experience you get wasn't that great in my opinion. Hopefully one day, we'll be able to go to the real Legoland and experience that!

We left the fun center and went to the Lego store so Eli could pick out a souvenir. He decided to build his own Lego man from the video we watched before going into the Discovery Center.

Our visit to see Grandpa E was off to a great start!

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Nicki Glenn said...

Well, believe it or not, I know someone who lives not far from LegoLand in Florida. (Hint, Hint!)

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