Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Christmas at Zue-Zue's 2015

A couple of nights after our Jammy Christmas with Josh's family, we went over to his mom's house to have Christmas with her. Eli couldn't wait to give Zue-Zue her gifts and to open his!

Eli gave Zue-Zue a Christmas tree out of his handprints as his gift to her. She loved it so much!

Then it was time to pass out the rest of the presents. Eli handed out presents to the four of us and then we each took turns opening our gifts. 

Not going to lie, Josh and I were pretty excited about his Farmer's Almanac calendar his mom gave him. 

I was really happy about my Kate Spade glitter studs. I'd had my eye on these for several months and had given several pairs as gifts to some of my friends.  Now I had some of my own!

Eli is just starting to express an interest in Star Wars so Zue-Zue got him the first (really the 4th, I guess) movie in the series. He couldn't wait to watch it!

A new Tervis tumbler cup for Zue-Zue.

Eli LOVES his Magformers. These are a great gift for kids!

Our favorite Florida friends (The Glenns) sent Eli this set of Snap Circuits, Jr. 
Eli was so excited!

A new light saber for Eli

Pioneer Woman dishes for me :)

Zue-Zue's last gift...a new TV. 
Hers was really old and the picture was AWFUL! Now she has one that looks good!

Zue-Zue was pretty excited and Eli was just as excited about giving it to her. 

It was a great Christmas with Zue-Zue. After opening gifts, we all loaded up with our coffee and hot chocolate to go look at Christmas lights around town and to drive through the living Nativity at one of the local churches. It was a fun night! Now it was time to get our house ready for Santa Claus' Christmas Eve arrival!

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