Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Bucket List Days 15-21

*The captions are taken directly from my original Instagram posts.

  • Day 15: We started in Louisiana this morning, Pop drove us to the airport, and we ended up in Florida this afternoon. Excited about spending some time with our friends the Glenns! 

Day 16: Pancake breakfast at the Old Sugar Mill, swimming in the 72 degree waters of the Ponce de Leon natural springs, swimming with Jonah and Micah at their house, visiting the Serpentarium, meeting two friendly snakes, and getting to watch venom extractions from a coral snake, copperhead, cottonmouth, rattlesnake, and a cobra! It was an awesome day!!!

Day 17: We conquered Aquatica today! It was a blast. Everyone had so much fun! So glad the weather turned out to be nice so we could enjoy our day :)

Day 18: A low key day was needed by all so we stayed home today. We played the Wii, read books, played board games, swam in the pool, and grilled burgers and hot dogs. Tonight the boys watched a movie at home while Nicki and I went to the movies to bawl our eyes out at "Me Before You". It was a great lazy day!

Day 19: Church this morning with some of our favorite people ever. It was so wonderful to worship God with the Glenns this morning and listen to Dan preach both services. We came home, packed up our stuff, and headed to Daytona Beach for the afternoon. We stopped at Pie Five for a late lunch and it was sooo good! The beach was beautiful and the boys had a blast playing together in the sand and surf. I'm sad tomorrow is our last day but it's been a great visit! These boys are going to really miss each other!

Day 20: We spent our last day with the Glenns at The Fun Spot in Orlando. Our flight didn't leave until 7'ish so we had the whole day to play. What an awesome place!! It had the old school amusement park vibe going on and it was perfect for three cute boys! The boys LOVED all the rides and there were no lines at all. It was the perfect way to end a great trip!

Day 20 (continued): After spending the day at The Fun Spot, it was time for us to come back home to Louisiana. Our hearts were sad about leaving our friends but we know it's not "good-bye"! We'll see them again soon! (Eli's convinced it'll be in three weeks!) Thanks @theglenns556 for an AMAZING week in Florida!! We love you the four of you so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Day 21: After our late flight it felt good to sleep in today! We met up with some of the family for lunch at Jason's Deli and a little shopping at Homegoods. I love my nieces and my nephew. Even if it was just for a couple of hours seeing them made my heart very happy! 

Day 21: No rest for the weary!! Eli and I made it back home this afternoon and went straight to the garden. We harvested two of the five rows of sweet corn we planted and filled up an entire wheelbarrow! Then it was time to shuck it and put it away. Eli was a great help every step of the way! 

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