Monday, October 3, 2011

Peter Pan to the Rescue

While I was digging through Eli's clothes the other day, I ran across a Peter Pan costume that Nicki loaned to me two years ago. It was Jonah's old costume and he had grown too big for it, so she gave it to me to use while Eli was still little. (We'll pass it back to them once Micah gets big enough for it, which probably won't be long! Haha!) Eli just discovered Peter Pan, and he loves pretending to be him. I asked him if he wanted to dress like Peter Pan and he immediately said, "Uh-huh!" We put on his costume and he immediately transformed into Peter Pan. He grabbed his sword and started trying to fight me (I guess I was Captain Hook?). I guess this is what he's going to be for Halloween this year since it finally fits him. Now I've just got to figure out if I can pull of the Tinkerbell look :) I wonder if Josh will let me dress him as Captain Hook??? More on that later :)

My little Peter Pan

I'll get you, Captain Hook!

The cutest Peter Pan I've ever seen :)

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