Monday, October 3, 2011

Practicing His John Hancock

When I found out I was having a boy three years ago, I knew immediately that his name would be Eli. I had picked it from the Bible years before I found out about Eli and I loved the meaning of it. While I was still pregnant with Eli, I started thinking about him starting preschool and eventually kindergarten. That's when I realized that Eli was going to be a great name because not only is it easy to spell, but it's easy to write!

Eli learned to spell his name last year, but this year his new school has really reinforced it. He loves spelling his name and can now spell his first and last name really well. Since he mastered spelling his name, I decided that I'd try to teach him to write his name. He watched me do it a couple of times first. Then, I had him practice with me and before I knew it, he had it! A couple Saturdays ago, we spent the day practicing writing his name. To say he was proud would be an understatement! He was so pumped to see his name all over the refrigerator. I must admist I was a pretty proud Momma, too!

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