Monday, October 3, 2011

PreK-3 Update-September

Eli's year at school is going GREAT! He loves his friends and he truly enjoys school every single day. I love going to pick him up and seeing all his artwork displayed in the hall. His teacher is super creative and I love seeing the crafts she's had them do to reinforce whatever skill they're working on that week.

Here is some of the stuff he did in September:

-He now knows all his letters and sounds. He knew a lot of them before school, but now he knows them all. He LOVES practicing his letters at home and finding his letters on signs whenever we're around town. WOO HOO! Each week at school they study a letter and do arts and crafts about that letter. So far in school, he's covered the letters A, M, and S.
-He is learning his numbers from 1-10 and is starting to recognize them. He can count pretty fluently to 13 on his own and to 20 with help, but he doesn't recognize all those numbers. He now recognizes the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8.
-He has made friends :) He talks about his friends Logan and John Mathieu all the time and I think it's so precious! When we were looking at all their artwork in the hall, he made sure to show me their work, too. At home, when we're practicing his letters with his Fridge Phonics, he always says "L is for Logan and J is for John Mathieu."
-He is eating! My non-eater at home makes a happy plate at school every single day and sometimes gets multiple portions of fruit. He still can't manage to drink out of the chocolate milk carton without getting it on him, but it's gotten a lot better.

That's all for now, but the list is growing and growing every day. I'm so proud of him :) Here are some pictures of his art from the past few weeks. He brings home so much that I've decided I'm going to make a photo book of all his artwork, so I don't have to keep everything. Of course, I'll keep all the really really cute stuff, which is going to be very hard because it's all SO CUTE!

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Penny said...

I love all his art work! One tip I read somewhere said to take pictures of their art work and you wouldn't have to save every piece. You can also collect it throughout the year and have some bound together to give to family members as gifts. :)
(I never shared with my children's grandparents/others. I was selfish. lol)

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