Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Andrea's First Baby Shower

Let the baby showers begin! My sweet, little niece, Tinsley, is due to make her arrival sometime around the beginning of August, so baby showers for our newest little blessing have started. A couple of weekends ago, Eli and I traveled to my parents house so we could attend Andrea's first baby shower. This baby shower was hosted by several of Andrea's mom's friends, who were teachers with her (Andrea's mom just recently retired from teaching Kindergarten). I was so excited to get to see Andrea and her baby bump, because I hadn't seen them since the Gender Revealing party back in March. 

My dad had to work, so Eli came to the shower with us. Normally, I would have been really nervous about this, but thankfully, my cousin, Emily, was in town for the week so she was able to help with Eli.  She brought her Nintendo DS and that kept Eli occupied for the ENTIRE two hour shower. I'm not a huge fan of him playing games like that just yet, but in this case I gladly welcomed it!

My brother Caleb's girlfriend, Kailey, also came with us to the shower. She, like everyone else, is super excited about the newest addition to our family.

Kailey and me

Mom and me

My grandmother with her two granddaughters

The food the hostesses prepared was so good! Everyone filled their plates and then found seats to watch Andrea open her gifts for Tinsley.

Andrea asked me to take pictures of the shower and she asked Kailey to write down the names on the presents. She got so many cute things for Tinsley! My niece has so many clothes already and she's not even here yet!

Mom gave Tinsley a pretty dress.

She also ordered this onesie off Etsy. Andrea loved it!

I couldn't resist giving Tinsley some bright zebra clothes :)

Caleb and Kailey got her this really cool onesie. HAHA!

Kailey gave Tinsley this sweet little blanket. The top side is pink damask and the underside is white minky dot. It's so soft and cute!

Eli took a break from the DS to drink some juice. He was really good the entire time.

Andrea's mom gave her this precious embroidered blanket that she wanted.

One of her aunts ordered her the diaper bag she registered for but it was backordered. She gave Andrea a card  and cut out a picture of the diaper bag to show her what her gift was.

After all the gifts were opened, we took some pictures of Andrea with the hostesses and different family members. Doesn't she look great to be 8 months pregnant?

Andrea and all the hostesses

My grandmother and Emily

Andrea and all the great-grandmothers

Andrea and her mom

Andrea with both grandmothers

We were instructed the do "The Amanda", which involves turning your head to the side and cheesing really big for the camera. I had a camera in my face from birth so I got really good at posing for pictures. Mom got a kick out of this one :)

Kailey, Andrea, me

Mom with all of her girls :)

It was a great shower! Andrea and Tinsley received so many wonderful clothes, gifts, and other things that will come in handy when Miss Tinsley arrives. I'm just very ready for little miss priss to get here!!

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