Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Greenwave, Greenwave, What Do You See?

Eli's last activity at school was his end of the year program. Mrs. Paige sent home his part with his lines a couple of weeks before the program, so we practiced whenever we could. He learned his lines right away and it was so cute to hear him say his part! Now that we had his lines down, we had to work on his costume. Eli's class was going to do their own version of Eric Carle's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", but they were going to call their version, "Greenwave, Greenwave, What Do You See?" The Greenwave is the mascot at his school...kind of a hard costume to make. The original idea was to make a sandwich-style board of a Greenwave and let him wear it. I made that out of foam board and tried it on Eli. It worked okay, but it wasn't great. At that point though, I didn't know what else to do. I mean how else do you make a Greenwave? 

Later on that night, Eli decided to put on his Superhero mask and cape that we gave him at Christmas. While he was running around the house saving the world, Josh commented, "Too bad we couldn't make a Greenwave costume similar to his Superhero costume." That's when my wheels started turning...I quickly found an old green t-shirt of mine, found a tutorial on Pinterest, and created a cape. Then I took more of that material and used that to make a mask. I sewed a few more things to finish out the costume and then let Eli try it on. WOW! He LOVED it! He was so confident and proud of his Greenwave costume. I couldn't wait to see him in it the next morning.

Before we left for school, I took a couple of pictures of my little Greenwave. He wouldn't let me put his hair in a mohawk, so it kind of looks messy in these pictures. As you can tell, he really became a Superhero Greenwave.

We dropped Eli off at his classroom and then went to the auditorium to find our seats. We couldn't wait to hear Eli say his lines. When it came time for him to say his part, he said them slowly and loudly and got lots of "Awwwws!" from the audience. I was a proud momma to say the least!

After their program ended, we went back to his classroom to take a big group shot of Eli's class. They were a fun group of kids!

Then Eli had to give goodbye hugs to Mrs. Jody and Mrs. Paige. These two ladies were WONDERFUL! I never worried about Eli a single day this year. They took care of my baby and treated him just like he was one of their own. He learned so much while he was with them. I'm so glad he was in their class this year!

Eli and Mrs. Jody

Eli and Mrs. Paige

It was a wonderful conclusion to Eli's year in PreK-3. I hope next year is just as much fun!

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