Friday, April 19, 2013

Eli's 1st Wee Ball Game

The day of Eli's first wee ball game was so much fun! Eli met his team at the new ball fields Saturday around lunch time. I was a little worried about his first game being during lunch and then running into his normal nap time, but it ended up being okay. We got there early enough that Eli and Josh were able to catch the last part of another team's game. Eli couldn't wait to play!

Before the game started, Eli's team had to take their team pictures. THAT was QUITE interesting! The sun was shining directly in their eyes so Dara told them to all close their eyes and open on the count of 3. The only problem was that no one counted to 3 :) In their first couple of pictures all the kids have their eyes closed...HILARIOUS!

They FINALLY got one that everyone was happy with and then it was time for their team to play!

My two boys!

Eli and his team headed into their dugout until it was their turn to take the field. Since it's wee ball, they let the parents out on the field to help out when needed or to take pictures in my case :)

My little ball player :)

Eli's team did a great job. The kids are only four and five so we go into each game knowing that their attention span is not going to be the greatest, but they're still playing great! 

You gotta love wee ball...EVERYONE runs for the ball when it's hit :)

Remember what I said about the game being around nap time? Eli yawned for several plays of the game. I guess he was really tired.

Finally, it was Eli's turn to bat. He was so excited! He had a great hit and ran his hardest to his Daddy at first base.

He made his way around to Mr. Guy at second base.

Then his friend, Hayden, had a great hit and brought him to third base.

And finally he made it back to home plate!

Mrs. Dara was there to give him a huge high five!

One of my favorite parts of the game is how all the players line up at the end to tell each other "Good game." I love that they're teaching them good sportsmanship at such a young age.

It was such a fun day at the ball fields! We can't wait for more!

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