Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Baby Shower for Kailey

At the beginning of April, my mom threw a baby shower for Kailey and baby Kaelyn. Okay, technically Andrea and I were hostesses as well, but let's be honest, my mom did everything. I wish I could claim some credit for the pictures you're about to see, but the only thing I did was the chalkboard wall behind the food table and print out some fun games. My mom literally did everything else as far as decorating goes. If you've read the blog since the beginning, you know how well my mom does parties. She goes all out and the final result is always amazing and incredible. I love how everything just comes together and always looks flawless. This shabby chic baby shower for Kailey was no exception. It was the cutest baby shower I've ever been to and definitely the best decorated! 

Here's what you saw when you walked in my mom's front door..

Kailey is all about dachshunds and for a great reason too. If you have Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen a cute little doxie pup dressed up in all types of costumes. Scrappy the Doxie is her pup and he's internet famous :) Mom threw in a few dachshunds here and there for that reason. The sign in sheet for the shower featured a dachshund holding balloons and the guests signed the balloons. 

One of the stations Mom set up was for guests to sign a diaper with a funny message for all the middle of the night diaper changes Kailey and Caleb were going to have. They turned out really cute!

The chalkboard sign was my main contribution to the shower. I took black butcher paper, chalk, and chalk markers to create this focal board. I'm so glad it turned out well!

Food table-sandwiches, meat pies, fruit parfait cups, cream puffs, and cake. 

The "naked" cake mom made for the shower. Totally adorable!

We played the "My Water Broke" game and guests had to put ice cubes with frozen Mardi Gras babies in their drinks. Whoever's ice baby melted first was the winner :)  Kailey's friend Dani's "water broke" first and won a small bottle of Pink Moscato :)

Mom and Dad had this old vintage cabinet and she used some Annie Sloan chalk paint to make it look gorgeous. She filled it with blocks, pictures, dolls, and baby blankets. 

Each guest also had to take a onesie and fill it out with their wishes for Kaelyn. It included things like "I hope you never...., I hope you always...., My dreams for you are..." It was very sweet. 

We also had each guest fill out a baby prediction card including their guess for Kaelyn's arrival date, time, weight, length, hair color, and eye color. Kailey's family took it a step further and had a "Baby Pool" at their house. The person who chose the correct date was going to win over $100!

While everyone ate and visited, I took some pictures of Kailey with the two grandmothers. Kaelyn will be my parents' fourth grandbaby but she'll be the first grandbaby for Kailey's parents. To say they're excited is an understatement :)

Once everyone had eaten and visited, Kailey sat down and started opening her gifts. Little girl things are so cute! She got a lot of things she'll need and tons of cute outfits. This baby is going to be dressed to perfection!

Scrappy and his Mommy :)

In between opening presents, we played the "Daddy or Mommy" game with the guests. I interviewed Kailey, Caleb, and the two moms and then typed up a list of statements. I read the statements out loud and guests had to circle whether they thought it was about Kailey, Caleb, or both of them. They also had to hold up either a bow or mustache to show their answer. The person who answered the most statements correctly won a small prize. One of Kailey's best friends, Matt, won that game and also "Pass the Parcel" game. He was a lucky guy :)

We ended the shower with one last game. Kailey wanted guests to cut a piece of yarn to see how big her baby bump was. Whoever got the closest would win a small prize. 

There were a lot of guests who got close but this little lady who won worked for it! She was over at the yarn cutting station measuring and remeasuring her piece of yarn. Hers came within centimeters of the actual size of Kailey's baby bump! She was very happy to win a cute little bath bomb from Lush. 

We watched Kailey open some more presents and then we ate cake. Matt and I were the ones who cut Kailey and Caleb's wedding cake at their wedding so I found it funny that I found Matt behind the cake again at Kailey's baby shower. Thankfully, this cake was much easier and smaller to cut!

We used the decorations in the room as backdrops to take a few pictures. Kailey was simply glowing!

Guests started leaving and on their way out we had them grab a small cookie or chocolate bar. It was a wonderful and darling shower. I think everyone had a great time. Now we just needed Kaelyn to arrive!

Caleb came by to help load up all the presents and we had to take a couple of pictures with him and Scrappy. It was hard for me to believe that my little brother was going to be a Daddy in just a few short weeks!

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