Wednesday, July 20, 2016

San Francisco: Riding the Cable Car

After the long day that we'd had-flying to San Francisco, traveling to our hotel, walking 150 miles (felt like it at least) to Lombard Street, walking around Fishermans Wharf and much more-riding the cable car back to our hotel late that night sounded quite delightful! We made our way to the cable car station to buy our cable car ticket for the ride back. Fun fact: The San Francisco cable car line is the last working system of its kind in the entire world! 

While the conductor collected the fare for all the passengers and explained the rules of riding the cable car, we took turns taking pictures of each other. 

Jessica and Amanda

My principal, Shannon, and me.

We arrived at the cable car station at the perfect time and I was able to catch the sunset as it was going down behind the Golden Gate Bridge. What an amazing view!

Riding the cable car back to our hotel was so much fun, except for the picture crazy couple you'll read about in a few! Our conductor instructed us to yell as we passed the other cable cars on the way back to make our ride more fun. He was a blast and he thought our southern accents were hilarious! (I guess it was the multiple "y'alls" I used when I was talking that gave it away!) We started our ride back and had lots of fun yelling at all the other cable cars as they passed us going the opposite way up and down the hills of San Francisco. And the views were INCREDIBLE! When we got to the top of Lombard Street and looked out across the city and the bay it was beautiful. What an amazing city to visit!

Now for the crazy picture couple story...We had this young couple that jumped on board halfway back and they completely stressed all of us out because they kept leaning out holding onto the rails and taking selfies together hugging, kissing, and being all lovey-dovey. I get it, you want to document your trip to the city. I'm a photo loving person too, so I understood where they were coming from. Two or three pictures is understandable, but y'all I'm talking 25 plus pictures for a 5 minute ride! Plus, they nearly died more than once because while they were leaned out trying to "capture their love" they almost got their heads taken off by the cable car coming from the opposite direction. We had to keep shouting for them to lean back in so they wouldn't die! Talk about a stressful ride! I finally asked if I could take a picture of them together just so they would stop with the selfie taking. Mr. Wilson would not have tolerated me for one second with all that picture taking...haha!

We made it back to the end of the line and I asked our conductor to take a picture of the four of us on the cable car. He turned one picture into a 20 picture photo shoot (at least the cable car wasn't moving and we weren't in imminent danger!) and kept moving us around the cable car asking us to wave, lean out, hold onto the rails, and more. He told us that he made sure to get the cable car's number in the pictures because if we ever saw Cable Car 16 on a movie we could say we rode that exact cable car! He was fun and we had a great time!

Our trip to San Francisco was off to a great start! We had one more day to explore the city before our math conference started and we intended to cram as much into one day as we possibly could! I was giddy just thinking about all the places we'd be able to see tomorrow!

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