Tuesday, July 19, 2016

San Francisco: Fishermans Wharf

The cable car ride from the top of Lombard Street down to Fishermans Wharf was not long at all but because it was our first ride on a cable car we were all very excited. We had to take a couple of pictures to document our first ride.
Jessica, me, and Amanda
We walked down to Fishermans Wharf and started to look around for a restaurant where we could grab a little snack and unwind.  
I spotted Alcatraz while we were walking around and used my zoom lens to get a picture of this famous prison. I hated that we weren't going to have time to do the Alcatraz tour but that'll be something I can do when I come back!
I loved the old timey look of these streetcars they had down there as well. Oh, and just so you know I had to google the difference between trolley, cable car, and streetcar about a thousand times while I was in San Francisco. I kept calling the cable cars streetcars and I called the streetcars cable cars. 
The landscaping in all the raised flower beds was so beautiful! I loved all the different types of vegetation they used to create such colorful displays!
We made our way down to Pier 39 to have some pizza in a restaurant that overlooked one of San Francisco's most famous inhabitants...the sea lions. I was so excited to see them!
We ate some delicious pizza and then walked downstairs to see the sea lions. They were loud and stinky, but it was fun watching them for a few minutes. The majority of them were snoozing but every now and then one would wake up, go for a quick swim, and then jump back up on the floating dock. 
At this point I was starting to feel like this sea lion looked! Haha! A full day of traveling plus a two hour time change was starting to get to me. We said good-bye to the famous Pier 39 sea lions, found some Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and made our way to the cable car station. It was time for us to go back to the hotel for the night and this time no walking was going to be involved!

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