Monday, September 5, 2011

PreK-3 Update

Eli is really enjoying PreK-3 and is learning a lot. I love picking him up every day and hearing all about his day at school. I also always enjoy seeing what he ate for lunch just by looking at his white polo shirt. Ugh! Oxi-Clean, Shout, and Spray-n-Wash are my close friends now when it comes to laundry. He's getting better, but spaghetti day was NOT fun ;)

I think one of the reasons I love him being in school is that we get to do "assignments" together. His first assignment was to find something red for the Red Book his class was making. He, of course, chose Lightning McQueen :) That same week he had to find a picture of some environmental print that he recognized. The teacher suggested McDonald's or some place like that, but we hardly ever eat fast food so we went with the Goldfish label. He and his Daddy had lots of fun looking through all our magazines for his pictures.

This past week I was THRILLED when I picked Eli up from school and discovered that he had received an award for eating EVERYTHING on his plate. WHOA! My non-eater got an award for eating! WOO HOO! I found out later from his Daddy that he hadn't eaten all of his breakfast that morning, so my baby was HONGRY (that's really really hungry for those of you that don't know). But later that week I talked to Mrs. J, his teacher's aide, and she said that he's been eating like that everyday. YAY! Way to go, Eli :)

Two days later I looked in his backpack and found another award! This time it was for getting a green dot every day for the month of August. Every day on his calendar in his folder, his teacher marks it with a colored dot. Green is GOOD, Yellow is a WARNING, and Red means he had a TIME-OUT. I'm so proud of my little boy and his great behavior! Keep it up, sweetie!

On Friday, Eli had his first BIG project due at school. He had to make an "All About Me" poster. Considering he's only two and isn't exactly adept at cutting and pasting yet, this momma took it upon herself to make the poster. I did get his input for his favorite pictures though. I thought his project turned out super cute, even if I had to stay up until 11:00 at night doing it (Procrastinate, much?)

PreK-3 is going great and I can't wait to see what else my little boy learns! I also can't wait for more fun projects :)

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