Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

Changes are being made little by little to our house, but they're not quite as dramatic as previous weeks. We're down to the nitty gritty stage, and it feels like our punch list is a mile long; however, it's nice to know that at the end of that list is the reality of us being able to move in...FINALLY!!

Our tile guys finished our backsplash this week, minus grouting, and I LOVE it. It's exactly how I pictured it would be in my mind.

They did grout the tile around my tub in the master bathroom and I love how that turned out as well.

I managed to write a few more scripture verses on the floor. These verses were written on our patio in the backyard where I can already foresee lots of nights just sitting and watching the sunset. I can't wait!

Nicki helped me find a scripture verse for my kitchen so I made sure to write it down.

Our tile guys also laid the slate tiles on our patio in the back. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this turned out. All the different colors in the slate bring out all the colors in our brick. We originally had planned to do brick pavers, but switched to the slate and I'm glad we did. I love how rustic it looks, which is exactly what I was going for out here.

Saturday morning was a work day for my hubby and our builders. They brought their tractor so they could help us pick up all the debris laying around the house. It took all morning and most of the afternoon but they did it. All three of them worked so hard and now our house doesn't look like a construction site anymore! Our dumpster in the back is completely full, but I'm so thankful the trash is all gone!

Our tile guys also finished the slate on the back patio. Now all they have left to do there is grout it and it'll be complete!

Eli and I drove down to the house so I could start painting the upstairs (we're doing those rooms ourselves) but it ended up not working. Josh was so busy helping the guys and I couldn't watch Eli and keep him from going down the stairs and paint at the same time, so I scrapped that idea. We ended up watching the guys and running errands for them by going to the hardware stores in town to get things they needed. I'm glad we got to help a little...

I'm sure you noticed in previous pictures, but the HUGE mound of dirt that was in our front yard is gone now. Heath, the head builder guy (you can tell I really know my construction terms can't you???) moved all that dirt to different areas in the yard. By doing that, he made my little boy very very happy. He had instant access to lots of dirt the rest of the afternoon and he played in it as much as he could.

Eli's friend, Walker, even came by and played in the dirt for a little while. They both loved getting dirty!

We also discovered that we have an abundance of frogs and crickets in our yard. Eli, Josh, and I caught three frogs that morning and that afternoon Eli met a nice cricket. I took the first picture, but HE had to take the next one. He kept telling the cricket to stay still so he could take it's picture :)

The last major thing that the guys did before leaving was they built the forms for the sidewalk that is going to go from the front door to the driveway. They'll be back sometime soon to pour the concrete for it. YAY!

I can't end the post without including this picture of Rusty, one of the guys that's been building our house. He and Josh bonded Saturday and became best buds. HAHAHA! Rusty is a pretty big fan of Rusty if you can't tell. He thought he was superman this particular day :) In all seriousness though, he's been a big help and he definitely knows what he's doing. We're very thankful to have conscientious builders working on our house!

There'll be more to come this next week. Our hardwood floors are finally here! YAY!!! We've only been waiting for them to get here for the past 3 thanks to the hurricane that battered the east coast (our floors shipped out of Virginia). Josh went and picked them up this past week and they've been acclimating ever since. Our floors guys should start laying them tomorrow (Monday). I can't wait!!

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