Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

This week at the Wilson's house was exciting because A LOT of things were checked off the forever long list of things that have to be completed before we can move in. First, our granite was installed. Hooray!! It was actually a little darker than I remembered it being when I picked it out, but I still love it and think it's going to work perfectly in the house and with our colors. Our friends at Twin City Granite were awesome and did a fantastic job installing our granite. Thanks, Joe and Faith!

Josh's cousin Jeff and his buddy Foley also started working on installing our tile in the bathrooms and the kitchen. It was so nice to unload all the tile from Josh's truck so they could finally begin installing it. He's been carrying it with him ever since we bought it three weeks ago. This was the design I wanted for the backsplash behind my stove, but Foley informed me that you wouldn't be able to see the decorative tiles because of the height of the cabinet above, which meant I had to go back to the drawing board.

Tile in the guest bathroom (Eli's bathroom)

Granite in the guest bathroom

Tile around my tub in the master bathroom

Granite countertops in the master bathroom

Thursday it was so exciting to drive to the house and see that we had lights everywhere! Our electrician installed all of our lighting fixtures! The good news is that I loved every single one of them! Whew!

Jeff and Foley, our tile guys, continued working on the bathrooms and finished except for grouting.

I managed to write some more verses around the house. I'm almost finished covering our floors with scripture :)

By Friday the guys were working on the backsplash in the kitchen. Josh and I both LOVE the subway tile we picked out for the backsplash. Jeff and Foley are doing an INCREDIBLE job installing all the tile.

Josh also got the lights and the heat turned on at the house. Now our workers can work in the comfort of air conditioning!


All my new appliances were delivered, but we're waiting on the plumber to install them.

That's all there is to update for now. Our tile guys are going to continue working on installing all the tile. On Monday we'll get our hardwood floors and after a couple of days of acclimation to the house, Jeff and Foley will begin installing those for us. We plan to buy all our knobs and pulls for the cabinets this weekend and we also might start painting the rooms upstairs. Josh also got another dumpster delivered to the house so we'll start cleaning up the yard and making it look neat. Until then....

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The Poole Family said...

It's all beeeeeeeeeautiful!!!! Love it! And I love how I've made SO many trips to Lowe's that I seriously recognize almost all of your light fixtures! Haa! Can't wait to see everything all finished!!! It will be finished so soon! When we signed the papers in late July, they told us they hoped to be completely done in 90 days... which puts our move in date to be in late October/Novemberish. Possibly by Thanksgiving?? My ultimate goal is be in and settled by Christmas!! And how fun to celebrate the 2011 Christmas in our NEW HOMES!!!!!!!! (Seriously, the greatest Christmas gift ever!!!!! Well.. besides Jesus.) Haha! Keep the updates coming!

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