Friday, September 16, 2011

A Surprise from the Sky

Last Friday, Josh, Eli and I stopped by the house to check out the progress. While we were outside walking around, Eli spotted four hot air balloons in the sky. He and I sat down to watch them as they climbed higher and higher into the atmosphere. I tried to take a sweet picture with my little man, but he was much more interested in watching balloons than smiling with Momma :)

When we noticed that the balloons were starting to descend, we loaded up in Josh's truck and tried to find them so we could watch them land. We were in luck! One landed on the playground where I teach school!

Eli LOVED being able to see a hot air balloon up close.

We got another surprise when we found out that they pilot and co-pilot were going to let all us bystanders "help" them pack the balloon back up. Woo hoo! Eli and I were ready!

First, we had to "milk" all the air out of the balloon. Eli was too short to reach, so I just threw him up on top of the balloon and slid him down as we made our way down the balloon. He LOVED that!

As you can see, it wasn't as easy as it looked. I'm glad they had so many helpers!

After all the air was out of the balloon, he had us lay it on the ground and then instructed us to not step on it. As you can see, Eli really listened...

I love moments like this! It was a fun unplanned memorable experience! Maybe we'll be able to do this again one day :)

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