Saturday, November 12, 2011

Allison and Spencer's Wedding Weekend-Wedding Day

Saturday, October 14th, was Allison and Spencer's wedding. After our morning of bowling, we came back to the hotel so Eli could take a nap before the wedding. We wanted to make sure our ring bearer was well rested. He was so tired that after about two hours we had to wake him up so we could get ready for the wedding. He still wanted to sleep, but once he was wide awake, he was ready to go! While we waited for Shane and Sara to meet us in the lobby, I took some pictures of us in our nice wedding attire. 

Josh and Eli
My two very handsome boys

Our little family

Zue-Zue and Eli

The weather the day of the wedding was perfect and everything looked so beautiful. We all waited around outside talking until it was time for the ceremony to begin.

I used this time to snap some more pictures of my little man. Eli was in a rare mood and completely hammed it up every time a camera was pointed in his direction. Days like this don't happen very often, so I capitalized on his willingness to smile for pictures. (The wedding photographer did, too. They snapped TONS of pics of Eli!)

Thanks again, Cheryl, for letting us borrow Brody's tux!
You were a lifesaver!

It's hard to believe that we'll celebrate 10 years in January!
Love him so much!

Josh and Shane

Eli, Lee-Lee, and Addi

Josh and Aunt Lisa

Jordan and Addi

Attempting to get a pic of us with our kiddos...Neither kid is looking in
the right direction, but we look good :)

Josh and his mom

One of the sweetest parts of the day was when Eli saw Uncle Dave for the first time. He ran to him and gave him the biggest hug. 

Sara with Baby Brett :)

Eli and Sara

Sara, Shane and Baby Brett

Eli and Zue-Zue

Josh's cousin, Corey, loves taking pictures and he snapped several of Eli that have quickly become some of my all time favorite pictures of him. These images also make me wish for a new camera :) Hint, hint, Josh!

I wanted to get a few of the images framed so I edited out the bo-bo on a few and left it on some of the others. I don't want to forget that he had a bo-bo this weekend, since it's just a reminder of how "all boy" he is.; however, I did want a few without it so you could focus on Eli completely and not just the bo-bo. 

Eli's shoes were quite the hit. Who knew faux Converse tennis shoes would be so popular? They made Eli look quite cool that day and also SUPER CUTE! 

Soon it was time for all of us to find our seats so the ceremony could start. Eli, Josh and I found seats in the back. Eli's part wasn't until the very end of the ceremony, so we had a while to wait.  He was very ready to do his part and had a hard time staying in his seat. We finally gave up on the whole sitting quietly thing and walked to the back to wait for his part.

Allison was a brave soul and tied the actual wedding rings to the pillow. I prayed that whoever tied the knot tied a really, really good one :)

The wedding started and everything was simply beautiful.

When I saw Allison for the first time, the first word that came to mind was BEAUTIFUL. She was stunning! I loved watching her and Spencer see each other for the first time. It was so sweet.

A few minutes before he was supposed to walk down the aisle, Eli got really quiet and really serious. He  must have been concentrating on what he was supposed to do.

The time came for my little man to walk down the aisle and he did a wonderful job! He walked slowly liked Uncle Dave had instructed him to do and made it down the aisle with the rings still attached to the pillow.

When his job was complete and the pillow was in safe hands, he turned around and proudly marched back down the aisle to Mommy and Daddy.

Daddy and I were so proud of our ring bearer!

The ceremony was beautiful and very touching. I love weddings-all the emotions they stir up, the reminders of our vows, and the important promises couples make to each other and to God that day. What a wonderful celebration of love!

Another favorite moment of this day was right after Spencer and Allison were married. They walked down the aisle as husband and wife and when they got to the end of the aisle, they continued walking hand in hand out to the meadow. It was no one but them at that moment; it was as if all of us faded into the background and all they saw was each other. It was so sweet.

After the wedding, the photographer still needed to take a few more pictures of the wedding party, so I hung around until Eli was finished. I used this time to get some more pictures of all our family that attended the wedding.

Addi and Jordan

Jordan and Sara

Jordan, Sara, and Deb

Jordan, me, Sara

Deb and Corey

The entire wedding party

We walked over to the main house for the reception. All the food was SOO good, especially both of the cakes! His was a chocaholics dream cake and hers was filled with strawberries. I was tempted to try both, but I went for the chocolate :)

I loved Allison's cake and her unique not your traditional wedding topper. I knew I wouldn't be able to fully explain the meaning behind it, so I made sure to take a picture of the explanation they had framed beside the cake.

It was a wonderful day celebrating Allison and Spencer's love. We are so glad that we were able to be a part of their special day. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!

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