Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grandparents Day

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Grandparents Day was on November 4th. I hope that this is a tradition that continues in the years to come because ALL of Eli's grandparents were able to be here because of his birthday the following day. I think I was more excited than anyone else. I love special events that involve family, and I was super thrilled that everyone that was important in Eli's life was able to be here.

The grandparents started arriving as I was leaving the school, so I called my mom and told her to wait for just a second so I could get a picture of all of them before they went in. I wish I'd been able to go in with them, but there was standing room only everywhere they went. 

Grandpa E, Zue-Zue, Pop and Grammy
Grandparents Day 2011

Eli was just a little happy to see all his grandparents when they arrived :)

All the classes had prepared a special song to sing for the grandparents. Mom, Dad, Zue-Zue, and E all said Eli was kind of shy when the 3 and 4 year olds were up there and didn't sing that much, but he gave a repeat performance at home and sang the song beautifully. After the performance in the auditorium, they went to his classroom where they had gifts for all the grandparents-a bookmark of Eli stretching his arms out wide with the words "I love you this much" behind him and a pin with Eli's picture in it. They were both PRECIOUS! They also had a couple of crafts for the grandparents to do with their grandchildren in the classroom. Eli and Pop had fun painting each other's hand for one of the crafts. It was a picture of both of their handprints. I know it's something my parents will treasure forever :)

After taking them on a tour of the school (my mom and Sue both said he had NO CLUE where he was going. He just wanted to walk around..haha!), they went to eat lunch. They served red beans and rice (YUM-O!) but all Eli wanted was the cornbread...typical :)

After lunch and some shopping at the Book Fair, all the grandparents checked Eli out from school and came home. We had a lot of preparations to do in order to be ready for his party the next day! Our busy weekend had just begun and it was going to be tons of fun! 

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