Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PreK-3 Update-October

Around the middle of October, Eli's school had their Fall Break so they could have Parent/Teacher conferences. I scheduled mine early one morning before work, but then Josh got sick, and I wasn't able to make it. On my way to Walgreen's the night before my scheduled conference, I called my friend, Torri, to see if she could give me his teacher's number so I could call and reschedule. She didn't have it, so I was going to have to find another way to get the message to her that I woudn't be there. While I was waiting at Walgreen's for Josh's antibiotic, guess who walked in the door...Eli's teacher, Mrs. Paige. Thanks, God :) She wasn't there under the best circumstances either, she was getting medicine for another family member, but we were able to have our conference right in the middle of Walgreen's.

Eli is doing great she said! She doesn't have any concerns or worries about how he is doing in school. I was a little concerned about his speech (just articulation) but she said next year if he still isn't articulating very well, he'll probably qualify for speech services at school. A few days later that week, she sent home Eli's report card for the 1st Nine Weeks. I was one proud Momma :) I hope that next year we can just continue to build on what he's learned this year in PreK-3. He'll be doing PreK-3 again because of the way his birthday falls, so that makes his progress so far even better! I'm so proud of my little boy and everything he's learning at school.

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