Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eli's 1st Time to Bowl

Allison and Spencer's wedding wasn't until 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon, so that morning we looked for an activity we could do that would get us out of our hotel for the day. Josh suggested bowling and after a quick google search, we found one in the area. 

This bowling alley had a smaller kid's area where you could bowl with little mini bowling balls that were just right for little kids. We thought it would be a good first experience for Eli.  

Zue-Zue came with us and watched all the fun. Eli had the best time, and Josh and I had fun trying to beat each other! That's what you get when you have two competitive parents :)

After I schooled Josh in mini-bowling :) we went to the real deal and let Eli experience bowling with the big bowling balls. Eli had just as much fun with this, too!

Am I weird that I love the corny bowling shoes? Eli loved his so much that he didn't want to take them off when it was time to go. We finally convinced him that he had to give them back to the bowling alley.

Since the real bowling balls were quite a bit heavier than the little ones, Josh had to show Eli the proper "Granny Style" bowling method. Good job, Daddy!

"I did it!" Way to go, buddy!

When the final scores were posted, it was apparent Josh and Eli schooled me. I'm going to go with the excuse that I was trying to capture the moment in pictures, so my focus wasn't entirely on the game :) No matter who won, it was a great day bowling with my little family!

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