Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marlie's Basketball Game

Back in February, Josh, Eli, and I went to watch our little friend, Marlie, play in one of her basketball games. Her mom, Diane, was the coach so we wanted to see her in action as well. We got there right as the game started and it was quite a sight! Those little girls were really trying their hardest to shoot the basketball and dribble the ball. The opposing team was coached by our friend Ms. Jennifer from Daddy's work. All the girls played a great game, and we really enjoyed watching all of them play!

I quickly realized that at this age the coaches were as much a part of the game as the players. After every shot, the coaches were out there rearranging the girls and showing them where they needed to be for the next play.

Josh and I loved watching Diane coach. She got a little aggressive at times :)

This was probably my favorite picture from the game. Diane was promising the little girl that she had Blow Pops in her purse if they did well after the game. Josh and I laughed and laughed after we heard that exchange!

Marlie's team ended up winning and all the girls walked away with their Blow Pop! Woo Hoo!

Way to go, Diane and Marlie! You both did a great job!

Eli made sure to give Marlie a big hug before we left to go home. Before I know it, he's going to be out there playing! He's growing up so big right before my eyes...

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