Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

The Saturday after finding out that I was going to be Tinsley's aunt, we all spent the day shopping, eating, and having fun. After lunch, Mom, Andrea's mom, and Andrea went to look at baby bedding and furniture, so Eli and I went to the Duck Pond with Pop. The weather was just slightly chilly, but otherwise it was a gorgeous day. I'm still practicing with my camera getting used to the different settings so I took lots of pictures of my dad and Eli. Consider yourself warned :)

After they fed the ducks for a little while, we walked down to the playground so Eli could play.

I mentioned in a previous post about Eli's agility getting much better. The last time we came to this park he couldn't climb this rope ladder at all, but this time he zipped up there so fast! In fact, he was so confident about it that I was slightly worried he might go up too quickly and miss a step. I really had no cause to worry though because he had it (and because my dad was always standing right behind him just in case!).

Oh, how I love Saturdays in the park!

Eli climbed all the way to the top of these monkey bars, but when it was time to go across the middle part so he could climb down, he got a little scared. Pop showed him how to drop down and then helped him cross like a monkey :) Eli got a kick out of that!

Can I tell you how much I love it when he scrunches up that little nose of his?
It makes me smile so much!

It was a great day spent at the park. I hope we can go back at least one more time before it gets too warm to do anything. I love being able to be outside all day long! 


The Glenn Gang said...

Sweet! We love to feed the ducks. Micah tends to eat their bread before they get it though!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics, I love seeing him have fun with Pop!

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