Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Pictures Before Church

These pictures were taken the same weekend that Eli and I went to my parents house to see whether Eli was going to have a boy cousin or girl cousin. We all got ready for church Sunday morning and since everyone looked so nice, we decided to take some pictures before we left for church. 

Grammy, Eli, Pop

Me, Eli, and Grammy

My sweet little man :)

Josh, Andrea, and Tinsley :)
Andrea had just the beginnings of a baby bump here.

Josh, Andrea, and Eli

Me and Grandma

Just the boys

Muscle Pose

Don't they look tough? :)

The next picture is of Josh holding Smooch. Smooch was his "lovey" when Josh was a little boy and he's had him ever since then. When he found out he was going to be a dad, he got Smooch out and gave him to our grandmother so she could spruce him up a little bit. Smooch was kind of dingy and had lost some of his stuffing. Grandma fixed him up, gave him more stuffing, washed him, and now he's all ready for little Tinsley when she arrives. I think it's sweet that she'll have the same "lovey" her Daddy did :)

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