Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eli's School Easter Egg Hunt

Woo hoo! I've finally made it to April :)

The first week of April, Eli's class at school had their Easter party at a friend's house. I couldn't ride the bus with them because I needed to leave before they did, but I did manage to meet them out at his friend's house. I'm not trying to be a Super Mom or anything, but I do try to attend as many of his parties/activities/programs as I can. I always loved it when my parents were able to come to things of mine when I was growing up, so I want to make sure he always has someone there with him. 

Eli and Hannah were super excited about their Easter egg hunt! 

Hannah with her daddy

Before the fun festivities could begin, they had to eat their Easter lunch. They had sandwiches, chips, cookies, and juice. Eli, of course, wanted the chips, juice, and cookies. 

I think this is the ONLY bite of his sandwich that he ate.

He had a little minor meltdown in between eating his lunch and the Easter egg hunt. He couldn't quite seem to grasp why he couldn't jump on his friend's trampoline especially since it was sitting right out there in the middle of the yard just waiting for a little boy to play on it. He had to go inside and have a little time out but when he came back out he was in a much better mood. He found his Easter basket and got ready to go find some Easter eggs!

As you can see, he and all his other friends found TONS of Easter eggs. He was so excited!

They took their basket of eggs and went back to the shade to look at all their goodies! They were pretty excited about all that candy.

I loved being able to go to my little boy's Easter party. It was a fun day!

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