Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avery Ann's 1st Birthday

Saturday morning before Easter, we had a very special first birthday to go to. My friend Sarah's little girl, Avery, was turning a year old. A few months back, Sarah asked me to be Avery's godmother. I was so honored and immediately said yes :) I was able to go to her Christening and be a part of her special day. I couldn't very well miss my goddaughter's first birthday, so Eli and I loaded up and drove out to their house. Sarah had asked me to take pictures of the party for her, so I wanted to be there early. 

Sarah started planning Avery's first birthday party shortly after she was born...I'm not kidding :) Hot pink and zebra was the theme she picked, and it was over the top cute! Sarah is very crafty, so she made all the decorations and the cake. I think she did an amazing job! Everything was simply precious!

Since Avery's birthday party was so close to Easter, the party favor was a set of dyed Easter eggs. The kids at the party LOVED being able to dye their own eggs, and the parents loved it because it was six less eggs they had to dye at home :)

The birthday girl in her pink and zebra outfit. Why is little girl stuff so much cuter? It's just not fair :)

Sarah is originally from Ohio, so it was special day for her because her mom, dad, niece, and one of her sisters drove in for Avery's birthday. This is Sarah with her sister, Karen.

Avery loved blowing sweet kisses to her Momma :)

Soon it was time for cake! We all sang Happy Birthday to Avery and then she dug in...literally! She LOVED that cake and had such a great time smashing it into bits!

After she had successfully smashed her cake, Sarah cleaned Avery up so they could open presents. Her second outfit was just as cute as the first!

Little girl parties are so much different than little boy parties. Boys mostly get toys, girls mostly get clothes :) Avery got a complete summer wardrobe at her birthday party.

She did get a couple baby dolls and LOVED them. She couldn't wait for her Daddy to open the package for her and get her baby doll out.

Eli and I gave Avery the owl backpack from Skip Hop that I'd been eyeing ever since I was pregnant with Eli. I finally had a little girl I could buy it for and I couldn't wait! We also gave her some little baby TOMS. They were so tiny and cute, I couldn't resist!

Avery loved playing and making faces while her Mommy and Daddy opened her presents. She made some that were just too cute for words!

It was a wonderful first birthday! I can't wait to watch this sweet, little girl grow up. Happy Birthday, Avery!

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