Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easter Goodies from Mammy and Uncle Clare

When we got back from the playground, Eli had a surprise waiting for him at our house. Mammy and Uncle Clare had stopped by to give Eli his Easter bag full of goodies. Eli couldn't wait to see what was in the bag.

Mammy gave him a large CARS Easter egg that was full of tattoos. Eli immediately set out to find the perfect tattoo for him.

He chose Lightning McQueen for his first ever tat, but I couldn't convince him to put it in a normal tattoo spot. He chose his stomach :) No matter the location, that tattoo immediately made him stronger and tougher as you can tell in the picture below.

Eli didn't want to be the only way having all the fun, so he offered to give Zue-Zue a tattoo as well. He picked out Holly for her, since she's a girl and all. 

Zue-Zue was pretty excited about her new tattoo :)

We spent a few more minutes talking to Mammy and Uncle Clare, but then Eli had to give them good-bye hugs because it was time for him to take a nap. I'm so thankful that my little boy is surrounded by family and friends that love and care for him. My little man is loved so much and it makes this Momma's heart very happy!

Thanks, Mammy and Uncle Clare for all of Eli's Easter goodies! We love you!

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