Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dizzy...I'm So Dizzy My Head Is Spinning...

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to stick close to Ed's house since the wedding was in the early afternoon. After some breakfast, Ed took us to a little area where there were some geese that El could feed. We had fun throwing bread to them and watching them eat. 

After the geese were full of bread, we left and went to a nearby park. Eli had so much fun playing on the playground there. They had so many new things for him to try, but his absolute favorite were the ones that spun you around and around making you so dizzy you wanted to throw up. He cackled and laughed so much! It was pure joy!

He attempted to climb this big rope, web thingy, but got about halfway up and decided that was far enough.

This seat also spun you around and around, so it became a favorite as well. Even Mommy and Daddy tried this one :)

It was such a fun morning at the park! The weather was perfect, and we had such a great time! Now it was time to leave and get ready for Uncle Ian's wedding! 

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