Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eli's Week with Grammy and Pop

The week after Easter, Eli's school got out for a long holiday break. My school did not, so we had to find somewhere for him to go. He normally goes to daycare when something like this happens, but this time I called my parents and asked if they had any vacation time built up at work that they'd like to take. They both said they did, so plans were made for Eli to go spend the week with Grammy and Pop. This little boy was SO EXCITED about going to see his Grammy and Pop. We made a paper chain and every day he got to cut a link to show he was one day closer to going to Grammy and Pop's house.

Easter Sunday he got to cut the last link! He was so happy! After Easter lunch, we loaded up and met my parents at the halfway point. Eli couldn't wait to see my parents! He kept saying, "Where are Grammy and Pop? Where are Grammy and Pop?"

It was a little hard saying good-bye to him knowing I wouldn't see him for an entire week, but I knew that he was going to have so much fun. I made my parents promise to send me texts, pictures, videos, and to call whenever they could. Here are some of the pictures from Eli's week with them. As you can tell, he had a blast! He only had one minor meltdown Sunday night, and I think it was because he was so incredibly exhausted after the long day he had. Other than that night, everything else about his week with them went so well. He ate well, he slept, he tooks naps, he played, he got new toys, he got to experience some new things, and he bonded with my parents. They don't get to see him nearly as often as they would like, so I'm very glad that they had a week with Eli all to themselves!

Easter Sunday-waiting for Grammy and Pop

Eli got to go to the Alligator Park and hold a real alligator!

Playing PlayStation Toy Story 3 with Pop

One of the perks of being at Grammy and Pop's house :)

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Penny said...

So cute! I know how much it means to your parents that he got to spend that week with them. We have three grands here that we see all the time, but we have two granddaughters in Ark. that are almost five hours away and Leon (3) is in Gulfport~ almost four hours away. It's so hard to get to spend time with them. We see the girls when they/we visit each other and we get them for a week each summer. I usually try to get Leon for a long weekend or during school holidays at least every two months~ but it doesn't always work out that way. Especially since his mom's car is not reliable enough to meet halfway. That means a 16 hour round trip every visit. :( But the times we do get to spend with them are precious and we enjoy every minute! :)

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