Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yard Crashers

When we moved into the new house back in October, we knew that we wanted to do some landscaping in the front and on the sides of the house but wanted to wait until it was closer to spring before we did anything. Early in April, we began the process of landscaping our yard with some help from our friends, Clare and Tammy. Clare is a landscaping guru and knows everything there is to know about horticulture. We were so thankful to have his help!

This was what our yard looked like before we started. As you can see, the only landscaping item we had were the two pots by the front door and those poor things were empty. Our house needed some serious landscaping help!

Josh and Clare went to a local nursery and got a truckload of topsoil and completely filled the backs of their trucks with plants. Eli was right there with them step for step the entire time. After forming the flower beds with some landscaping border, Clare, Josh and Eli started building the beds up with the topsoil. 

He loved being in the trailer with his Daddy and Uncle Clare, but he loved getting his feet dirty most of all!

After they built the beds up, they planted everything. The next day after church, they went back to the nursery to get two truckloads of mulch to finish the beds. We were so pleased with the final product and couldn't believe the difference the landscaping made to the house!

These were the pots I put out by the back door. I love the color combination!

This is what the beds in the front looked like when we were finished. We planted two little gem magnolias, agapanthus, abelia, laripe, zinnias, vinca, youpon, salvia, and much more. I loved how it turned out!

My agapanthus or Lily of the Nile

My pots by the front door have million bells, sword fern, and dusty miller in them. 

We still have some work to do on the flower beds, but for now we are very happy with what we've done. I have to say that I really do enjoy getting out in the yard after school and working in my flower beds. It's very relaxing and I liked watching how my flowers are growing and thriving. I may have just found a new hobby :)

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