Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ian's Wedding

Saturday afternoon we attended Ian's wedding. The location of the wedding was a long way from Ed's house, so Eli was able to take a great nap in the car while we made the trip. Because of the wonderful traffic system in Dallas, we made it to the wedding about an hour late. Luckily, we weren't the only ones. It just so happened that several guests and even the bride, Tatia, were late as well due to traffic. While we waited for Tatia to arrive, we decided to check out the scenery. The Texas bluebonnets were in full bloom, so the fields surrounding us were beautiful. 

The actual wedding was going to take place next to this pond. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Eli and Grandpa E had fun exploring and looking at minnows in the water.

Once we explored the pond, there wasn't much else to do. The bride still wasn't there, it was hot, and Eli started to have a full blown allergy attack. Poor baby couldn't quit sneezing and wiping his nose. At one point, he simply decided to lay down and wait. 

Two hours later the bride arrived and we made the trip back to the pond for the actual wedding. The poor girl's mother had gotten lost when she went to get her from the hotel and couldn't get good reception on her cell phone to ask for directions.

Eli decided to pick some flowers while we waited for the actual service to start. He gave some to everyone, and Grandpa E decided to wear his behind his ears. About ten minutes into the ceremony we noticed that Grandpa E was still wearing the flowers behind his ears because he had forgotten that they were there. Josh and I had several good chuckles about that.

The flower girls and Tatia's little girl, Sophie, came first.

Ian's groomsmen looked very dashing. I loved Ian's suspenders and his Converse sneakers!

Then it was time for the bride. Tatia looked so pretty and Ian couldn't take his eyes off her during the entire ceremony. It was very sweet to watch.

I loved how excited Ian was to be married :)

After the ceremony, we stayed around and talked for a little bit, but then had to go. Eli was miserable and we had to get him away from those fields. We gave hugs to Ian, Tatia, and Sophie and told them how happy we were for them. We don't get to see them that often, so we were very happy we were able to attend their wedding.

Ian and Tatia, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Congratulations on your wedding! We love you guys and hope to see you again very soon!

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