Monday, September 3, 2012

Eli's First Homework Project

One of Eli's first homework assignments this year at school was to make an "All About Me" poster describing his favorite things. A few days before it was due we went around the house and took some pictures to include on his poster.

We absolutely had to include a picture of Eli with all his cars. 
He LOVES all the cars from the movie CARS!

Eli with all his Magic Tree House books we've been reading at night.

Eli with his favorite cereal, Lucky Charms.

Eli's favorite food of all time...CHEESE! 
Not just the square kind either, he loves it all! 

We added some more pictures of things he likes to do and pictures of our family to complete it.

The morning it was due Eli took a picture with his poster before leaving for school. He was excited about sharing it with his friends.

The next time I went to his school to get him all the posters were hanging up in the hall. We had lots of fun looking at all his friends' posters. Then we found his! He was so proud!


The Glenn Gang said...

Oh, I love this! I especially love the one of him with his cars! Great shot!

Penny said...

Ditto Nicki's comment. :)

Malinda said...

This is so cute. You and I would so be BFFs if we lived closer to each other.

Amanda said...

Thanks! It was Pinterest inspired :)

Amanda said...

Thanks! I love doing projects like this :) I think we'd be close friends, too!!!

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