Monday, September 17, 2012

Grandpa E Comes to Visit

Last weekend, Josh's dad, Grandpa E came to town to visit us. We hadn't seen him since Josh's brother,  Ian, was married in March so it was a good treat for all of us. Ed came in Friday afternoon after we got home from school and he had a special surprise for Eli...a remote controlled helicopter! Eli, Josh, and Ed were so excited. That's all they did the entire weekend. Even though it was recommended for a higher age group, Eli actually did okay controlling it. Josh was definitely the best helicopter pilot, but Eli wasn't too shabby for a 3 year old! 

They did get off to a rocky start and the helicopter had to visit Grandpa E's repair shop several times, but eventually they got to where they didn't crash it at all...well, at least Josh didn't.

The battery needed to charge so we reassured Eli that when he woke up in the morning it would be ready to fly. He woke up at the crack of dawn and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Is my helicopter charged?" It was, but he had to wait until his Daddy and E got up before I let him play with it. I try to pick my battles and repairing a helicopter with a preschooler is not how I envisioned my Saturday morning. Luckily Eli didn't have to wait too long and soon he was flying his helicopter and crashing into everything in the house. He didn't seem to mind especially since Grandpa E was right there to fix it!

After they'd flown the helicopter until it needed to be charged again, Eli and Josh mowed the yard for us. It's sad but I'm going to admit it. Eli can drive the zero turn lawn mower better than I can. I think stuff like that just comes ingrained in little boys, whereas girls have to read manuals. Josh was impressed and began having visions of turning over the mowing to Eli when he got a few years older.

After mowing, eating lunch and taking a nap, it was time to fly the helicopter again. This pattern continued until Grandpa E left the next day. It was so good getting to see him and we can't wait for him to visit again! Thank you again, E, for the helicopter! I'm sure it'll need a good repair once you get back, too :)

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