Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah!

This past Saturday we got to celebrate Hannah's 4th Birthday. It is so hard to believe that Hannah and Eli are turning 4 years old this year! Where has the time gone? Our babies are no longer babies! Diane was a smart momma and had it at a local park. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast running and playing. I'm thinking of copying her and having Eli's party at the park as well....

Diane didn't ask me to, but I just kind of nominated myself as the photographer for the party. Eli and Hannah are best friends, so I wanted to make sure I photographed some memories for them :)

Best friends

The Birthday Girl!

Hannah's older sister, Marlie

The two Josh's 

Diane and Josh

Me and Diane

Diane invited all the kids from Hannah and Eli's class and then some of the kids from the church. All the kids, big and small, had a blast playing on the swings, slides, and monkey bars!

Eli was very proud that he could still do the monkey bars.

Diane and Eli

My friend Dara's twins, Meredith and Jackson, had never been to this park, so I made sure to take lots of pictures for her to document this "first" for them.

Meredith loved the swing.

Meredith loved the rocks...

Until they got in her shoes...

Eli and Molly

Molly, the twins big sister

After lots of playing, we all ate some grilled hot dogs and chips. Then it was time for us to sing Happy Birthday to Hannah.

After cupcakes and ice cream, the kids all gathered around to pull the strings on the piƱata. They all couldn't wait to get the candy inside!

I love Eli's eyes in this one! He's already expecting the candy to pop out!

After gathering up all the candy his treat bag could hold, we said good-bye to the birthday girl. Eli gave her a hug and then it was time to go. It was a such a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday, Hannah!

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