Friday, December 20, 2013

Eli's REAL 5th Birthday

The night before Eli's birthday I decorated the chair where he sits at the table with balloons and streamers and put a little birthday gift there for him to find when he woke up in the morning. The gift wasn't much because he had already gotten his big gift from us and Josh's dad. Since it was a regular school day, he had to get ready for school after he opened his gift. Normally, that would be a bummer but he was so excited about getting to share his birthday cupcakes with his class that he got ready in record time. 

The night before he and I had baked and decorated superhero cupcakes that I was going to take to his school after lunch time. I had actually planned on just doing the store bought route, but I visited two bakeries inside our grocery stores and did not see a single superhero cupcake. I realized then my cupcakes were going to have to be homemade. Luckily, I went by a local craft store and found bags of superhero rings that were going to work out perfectly on top of the cupcakes. Eli loved getting to put the rings in the cupcakes. 

We snapped a couple of pictures in front of his birthday balloon wreath out front but his allergies started bothering him so the pictures aren't that great. His poor little eyes were watering like crazy, so this is as good as it gets. 

I dropped him off at school and then went on to work. At lunch time, I left my school and went to his to eat lunch with him and to bring cupcakes to his class. Eli was so excited!

Eli and his teacher Mrs. Rosemary

He got a little embarrased when the kids started singing "Happy Birthday" to him. 

Eli and Mrs. Rachelle (his teacher's helper)

The kids loved the cupcakes, but they loved the superhero rings most of all. After lunch I checked Eli out of school and we went home to help his Daddy finish assembling Eli's BIG birthday gift from us and Josh's dad-a basketball goal! I don't know who was more excited...Josh or Eli :) After six hours (not even lying), the basketball goal was finished. It was most definitely NOT the easiest thing to assemble. I think there are special places in heaven for people who can assemble things like this and not get frustrated and utter words that shouldn't be uttered. I think at one point Josh and I both wanted to just scrap the whole thing. Long story short, don't call us to assemble any gifts ;) On the plus side, Eli LOVED his basketball goal and before church that night they were able to play a little bit. I foresee many memories being made in our driveway and that makes me really happy.

It was a great day (minus the assembling frustrations) celebrating this special little person who came into our lives 5 years ago. We are over the moon in love with him and can't wait to celebrate many, many more birthdays with him :) Happy Birthday, Eli! 

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