Monday, December 30, 2013

The Day Elfis Arrived-2013

The day after Thanksgiving a very special visitor arrived at our house straight from the North Pole. We had been telling Eli all week that Elfis would be arriving after Thanksgiving and he came! In honor of Elfis' arrival, we had our annual North Pole breakfast complete with yummy hot cocoa, marshmallows, and powdered donuts. Sugar is a main staple in an elf's diet so we made sure that we had plenty! 

Eli woke up that morning and this is what he found. 

Elfis left Eli a new Christmas book and a letter telling Eli how excited he was to be spending Christmas at his house again. It also appeared that Elfis found the candy drawer at our house and helped himself to a few candy cane kisses while he was laying out Eli's surprises. We couldn't find Elfis at first until we looked up...

Eli was so happy to see Elfis and he couldn't believe that Elfis had eaten so many candy cane kisses!

Eli immediately dug into the powdered donuts and thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. I did, too! Those things are so bad for you but I LOVE them…especially with coffee :) As a side note, aren't Eli's jammies so cute? My mom got Eli those and I thought they were fitting for our North Pole breakfast. Thanks, Mom! 

After eating some donuts, we sat down and looked through the new book of Christmas stories Elfis left for Eli. Elfis did a great job and picked out a book full of Christmas stories about all the Disney characters Eli loves. It was definitely a book we were going to be able to enjoy all throughout the Christmas season. We were so glad to have Elfis back! 

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