Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Great Smoky National Park Hiking Trip

Back in the fall, Josh and his friend, Beaux, planned a hiking/camping trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. They both love hiking, if you can even call it hiking. What they do is like hiking on steroids. It's more like hiking up extremely steep trails with a 50 lb. backpack for 10 miles a day, eating meals from a pouch, and sleeping in a tent for a week. Who wants to go on the next trip? :) They started planning their trip back in the summer and by fall they had everything arranged. Josh was really looking forward to it and couldn't wait to go. Then the unthinkable happened. The exact week they were supposed to leave our wonderful government decided to shut down. I mean, what are the odds? Josh and Beaux were so upset. They thought about changing their plans and hiking in different state parks instead of the national park, but they both knew it wasn't what they really wanted. They ended up just waiting to see if the government would reopen. It took awhile, but everything FINALLY worked out and they were able to go. Josh came back with some amazing pictures that Beaux took and I just had to share them. Some of them look like they came right out of a magazine. 

My husband made it back home safe and sound and in one piece. He said it was a very tough hiking trip, but the views were amazing. I'm so glad he gets to go on these trips that he enjoys. Maybe on the next one I can tag along :)

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Beth said...

They did get some really gorgeous pics! Glad Beaux has Josh to do that stuff with though because that whole deal about sleeping in a tent for a week pretty much repulses me lol!

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