Sunday, December 29, 2013

Everett's Baptism

My cousin, C.J., and his wife, Becca, just recently moved to our area for his job. He's the chaplain at a local private school and also works at one of our area churches. I'm so excited to have family close to us. C.J. and I haven't seen each other since he and Becca got married several years ago. Since then they've expanded their family by one. Sweet little Everett joined their family back in the spring and he's such a cutie pie. Early in November, C.J. and Becca invited our family to attend Everett's baptism. Josh, Andrea, Tinsley, Grammy, and Pop also made the drive to see this special event. After the baptism, we made an attempt to get a picture of Eli, Tinsley and Everett. This was as good as we could do :)

Cousin love :)

After the baptism, we went to brunch at a local plantation home and got to visit with my family some more. 

We gave Everett some small gifts in honor of his baptism.

Tinsley decided to test out the books we gave Everett first. She's a big fan of books :)

Then we headed outside and took some more pictures. It's so fun seeing all three of us with kids of our own. There aren't many of my childhood summers that don't include C.J. We always had so much fun vacationing at our grandparents' house in North Carolina. Now we get to make more memories as parents :)

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