Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Halloween-2013

This year for Halloween my little man decided he wanted to go as Batman. He's starting to really develop a love for superheroes and Batman seems to have edged out Spiderman. It changes on a daily basis though, but on this day Batman was the definitely the coolest. Eli didn't have to wear his uniform to school on this day so he got to wear the glow in the dark Halloween shirt we picked out earlier that month. He loved it! Before getting dressed in his Batman costume, I convinced him to let me take some pictures of him on the stairs :)

Cutie patootie!

He changed into his Batman costume and then we took some pictures of him in it before leaving for his school. He was so excited to be dressed as his favorite superhero.

At Eli's school the preschoolers get to parade around the upper elementary, middle, and high school halls and the older kids pass out candy to them. It's such a fun tradition and really builds the community in his school. The older kids really love seeing the little kids dressed in their costumes. Before going trick or treating that morning, Eli's class posed for some pictures together. All their costumes were so cute!

Iron Patriot and Batman

No, wait! It's Logan and Eli :)

I was able to stay with Eli while they trick or treated, but then I had to go back home and change into my costume for my school. I'm so thankful that my principal let me go to Eli's school so I could trick or treat with him. I love that I don't have to miss special events like this! 

I hurried home to make a quick change into my costume for school and then headed to my class. My team of 1st grade teachers decided to dress like Disney princesses this year and it was so much fun! Originally, we were all going to dress but it ended up just being the four math teachers. The reading teachers decided to go as witches, but we still had a blast all together. 

Sarah went as Sleeping Beauty and I was Belle. 

Being a princess was so much fun!

Sarah, Lindsey, me

Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, and Merida

What a fun and exciting Halloween it was! The weather ended up being really nasty that night so we weren't able to go trick or treating through our neighborhood, but Eli still racked up on plenty of candy! I'm glad that even though the weather wasn't perfect, we still were able to have lots of fun!

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