Monday, November 25, 2013

Chasing Balloons and Visiting with Family

The weather on Saturday proved to be too unfavorable for the hot air balloons to fly, but Sunday morning I woke up to a text alerting me that the balloons were going to be flying. Woo Hoo! We made some coffee, bundled up in our jackets and coats, and made our way to the mall where the balloons were going to be. 

We got there pretty early and were able to claim a great spot to watch the balloons. It wasn't long before balloons started to fill up the sky!

Once most of the balloons had flown over the mall, we noticed that they were flying along the levee and heading towards the empty fields. We decided to chase them so we could watch them as they landed.

It was such a fun morning chasing balloons with my boys! We came home and had a couple hours before Grammy, Pop, Caleb, and Tinsley came to visit so we headed outside so Eli could practice baseball. Josh already has him in training and the difference between his batting skills in the spring and now is amazing. Now he can hit the ball even without the tee! I'm so proud of him and it looks like this season of t-ball is going to be really fun!

Grammy, Pop, Tinsley, and Uncle Caleb all came in for a quick visit to see Eli and to give me my birthday gifts (YAY!) My mom and dad gave me a wooden monogram for our front door and my brother Caleb and his girlfriend Kailey gave me a Starbucks gift card. I loved all my birthday gifts! I love that since they live so close now these short trips are now possible. 

Tinsley really LOVED my birthday cupcakes that Mom and Dad brought.

I could just eat her up :) 

It was a very busy Sunday, but such a fun one. I love days like this that I can spend with my family :)

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