Monday, November 25, 2013

Balloon Glow-2013

One of my favorite events in our area every year is the Balloon Festival. There's just something magical about watching the hot air balloons fly high in the sky and it really does bring out the little kid in me. Apparently, I'm not alone in this regard either because every year the festival is packed with locals and tourists all gazing upward as the balloons take to the skies!

The Balloon Glow is the first event of the festival that takes place on Friday night each year. This year there was a little bit of a damper because the weather wasn't exactly favorable, but we were still able to see a few balloons glowing that night. 

To conclude the Balloon Glow every year, there is a fireworks show over the river. Eli found the perfect seat on top of his Daddy's shoulders. We left that Balloon Glow crossing our fingers that the balloons would be able to fly the next morning. 

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