Thursday, May 28, 2015

Easter 2015

The church my parents and brother go to offer two services-one on Saturday and one on Sunday-on most major holidays to help with crowds, parking, etc. Since Eli and I were going to need to leave Sunday right after lunch to get back home, we all decided to attend the Saturday service so we'd have more time together. It worked out well because we found out the giant Easter hunt they planned for all the kids was after the Saturday service. We knew the kids would really enjoy that!

After the service, Grammy and Pop took a quick picture with the grand babies and then we all headed out to the baseball fields for the Easter egg hunt. They had all the kids organized into different groups so Grammy stayed with Tinsley and Jameson; Pop came with Eli and me. 

Once all the kids had lined up around the baseball fields, they yelled "Go!" and the kids started collecting as many eggs as they could. There were TONS of eggs, but there were also TONS of kids. Eli had a blast and ended up finding lots of eggs. 

We met up with Tinsley and then Eli and Tinsley spent some time playing on the jumpers they had outside. Jameson was the perfect baby he is always and just hung out with us wherever we went. 

We came home, changed clothes, and the kids got ready to dye Easter eggs. Andrea brought over some cookies for the kids to decorate with sprinkles and they kind of got carried away...

Once you knocked the sugar off them they were pretty good :)

After the cookie decorating it was time to dye Easter eggs. Eli and Tinsley had lots of fun :)

Tinsley went to bed and Eli stayed up a little later so we could finish our Resurrection Eggs. He went through each egg and told Grammy and Pop the significance of each item inside the egg. We've been doing the eggs ever since he was little and it was so sweet to hear him tell the Easter story all on his own. He went to bed excited about seeing what fun stuff the Easter bunny was going to leave in his Easter basket while he slept. When he woke up, he found his basket full of goodies. He was most excited about all the gardening tools he received. 

After Tinsley woke up, Eli got his Bible out and went through the Resurrection eggs with Tinsley. She listened so intently to Eli as he told the story of Easter. It was the sweetest thing ever to watch. 

Since we did Easter Sunday on Saturday, we weren't able to take traditional Easter pictures since some of our family (Caleb, Kailey, and Josh) weren't in town yet. So when they all arrived on Sunday, we put our Easter clothes back on to do pictures. 

Kailey and Caleb brought Scrappy. He used to just be their cute little puppy, but now he's an internet sensation. It's unreal! He has tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram-his username is Scrappy the Doxie-and gets offers to be a "spokesdog" for lots of companies. He's the celebrity of the family :) Kailey does so great dressing him up in all these hilarious costumes, taking pictures, and posting them. It started out as something fun and now it's become a hobby that is actually paying off :)

After pictures we ate lunch and then it was time for the kids to hunt Easter eggs. Josh was outside on the patio when Tinsley walked up to him, dropped her Easter basket in his lap and told him, "Come on, Josh." She had designated him as her official Easter basket carrier for the day :) He followed her around dutifully as she gathered each egg and placed it in her basket. It was so funny to watch. 

After they found all the eggs it was time for us to pack up and go home. It was a wonderful Easter weekend and we couldn't wait to see our family again soon :)

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