Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Easter Build-a-Bear Tradition-2015

Ever since Eli was little my parents have always taken him to Build-a-Bear to build a furry friend as his "Easter basket" from them. When Tinsley joined the crew, the tradition continued with her as well. Now Jameson is here and the tradition lives on. It's gotten a little more expensive for Grammy and Pop but all the grands LOVE getting to make a furry friend every year. Pretty soon, Eli's furry friends are going to take over his room. The kid loves a stuffed animal! 

We were out of school for Good Friday so after lunch with Daddy (who had to stay home to take care of Barkley), we met everyone at Build-a-Bear so the grandkids could build their special friends. Eli was the seasoned veteran when it came to Build-a-Bear so he quickly chose his friend and moved on to the voice boxes. He also was a great helper with Tinsley and Jameson. I love seeing my little guy's helpful heart in action :)

Here's a shot of our whole gang. Five adults, three kids, and two Build-a-Bear employees were all it took to build three furry friends. The people at BAB were fabulous though and were incredibly patient throughout the entire process. 

Tinsley chose a bulldog as her special friend this year. She was in love. 

Jameson was a rookie at this whole BAB process, but next year he'll love it. 

Eli loves the "squeeze test."

Andrea chose an Easter bunny for Jameson and I think he liked it :)

Eli and Tinsley both chose pups this time. Tinsley named hers Anna and Eli named his Barkley. 

We registered all the animals, printed their birth certificates, and Grammy and Pop paid the bill. It was another successful year at BAB and everyone left extremely happy :) We attempted to get a picture of Grammy and Pop with all the grands and their special friends and ended up with a decent picture. I love all these kiddos so much!

Our Easter weekend was off to a great start and more fun was on the way!

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