Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Color Run-2015

The Saturday before Easter, my mom, Eli, Tinsley, and I all did The Color Run. The conditions certainly weren't perfect for a "happy" race considering it was so gloomy outside, but we found our silver lining in those yucky clouds and had a great time together. We left Mom and Dad's house early that morning and it rained on us pretty much the entire way to get Tinsley, but we noticed that it looked like it had already stormed where the race was going to be held so we decided to at least go try. Andrea snapped a picture of us before we left her house. At this point we really weren't even sure if we'd be running a race that morning. 

Last year I ran The Color Run race with a group of friends and I noticed that a lot of families did the run together. I knew Eli would really enjoy doing it with me so I signed him up. He's always wanting to go running with me so this was something he would be able to do and he'd get a medal. Tinsley did the race with my mom, Josh, and Andrea a couple of years ago but she was in a stroller the whole time so she was excited to get to run with Eli this year. 

We parked our car and finished getting ready for the race. Tinsley was just too cute for words :) Eli, Mom, and I put on our tattoos and then we were off to find the starting line (after a few pictures, of course).

We got to the starting line in plenty of time and took a few more pictures of us all together before the race started. We were all really excited!

The worst part is definitely waiting for your corral to go. Eli and Tinsley passed the time jumping in and out of the wagon, playing hide-and-seek, and constantly asking if it was our turn to run yet. Finally, it was!

And we're off! We originally grabbed the wagon (FYI: This is Eli's old wagon that I found one day at a Goodwill store one day for $5!! It's still going strong!) for Tinsley, but Eli decided he wanted to ride in it as well. Both the kids rode in the wagon until we got to a color station and then they both got out and ran through the color station with either mom or me. It worked out great!

Eli, Tinsley, and mom after the PINK station :)

We went through five color stations-blue, pink, yellow, orange, and purple-and then at the finish line they sprayed you with silvery glitter powder. We were covered in color at the end! They gave us all, water, a granola bar, and a medal as we crossed the finished line. Eli was super proud of his first race medal and I was too :)

Here we are after we finished. It was lots of fun and something we'll probably do every year. It's a run that the whole family can participate in, get messy, and have lots of fun! 

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