Thursday, May 21, 2015

How the Wilsons Spent March

For those of you still with me...we've made it to March :)

Eli and Cooper's favorite thing in the morning time is to hang out either in my room or Sarah's room before school starts. These two are so silly together and they're such good friends. Sarah and I are so glad they're in the same class together this year and hopefully they will be next year too! At the beginning of March their Kindergarten class celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by having an entire week of fun activities. This particular morning was Wacky Wednesday so the kids were able to dress any way they wanted as long as it looked wacky. Sometimes the way Eli dresses on a normal day could be considered wacky (the kid has his Pop's sense of style), so this was right up his alley ;) He chose an assortment of mismatched clothes and shoes and threw it all together to create this dazzling outfit :) Both of these boys are so cute and sweet!

We ended the first week of March with our school's Field Day and then we dismissed at noon. Since the following week was our Spring Break we decided to start celebrating early and took the boys to Johnny's Pizza. They all wanted to ride with us, so I snapped this picture of these three amigos when we arrived at Johnny's. We ate our yummy pizza and even got some frozen yogurt afterwards and then headed up to enjoy our weekend before Spring Break. Well, we thought we were going to enjoy it...

This was how we spent most of our Spring Break. Sunday night Eli started running a fever and you could just tell that he didn't feel very well. He woke up Monday morning with fever and was very lethargic. Most of his day was spent in bed just like this. I normally don't take Eli to the doctor until day three because that's when I know it's not just a normal virus. He NEVER complained of anything hurting other than having a headache so I really thought he was going to pull through by day three. 

He responds really well to Tylenol and Motrin so once those were in his system he was able to play a little around the house, but he never was quite himself. By the middle of the week he was still running a low fever so I called the doctor and made an appointment for him. They swabbed him for strep throat and flu and he came back positive for strep. UGH! What's crazy is he never complained of his throat hurting one time. Thankfully after a couple days of being on antibiotics Eli was back to normal. I'm glad our weather was really yucky that week because it would have made staying inside that much worse if the weather had been pretty. 

When we got back to school after Spring Break, it was back to our normal routine. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and Eli brought treats for his class. 

Then Eli got a huge surprise one day when B and Zue-Zue checked him out of school to take him to Chuck-e-Cheese. You talk about an excited kid! He was so happy!

Eli's Kindergarten class started doing weekly spelling tests, so the night before his first test I gave him a practice one. He passed with flying colors! 

And at the end of March, Grammy, Pop, and Tinsley came down for a quick visit. Grammy had a gift card to one of our local stores and she wanted to do some shopping. Tinsley and Eli enjoyed their quick play date they got to have with one another. I'm glad that we live close to each other, but there are days I wish it was even closer. Seeing them play together is so sweet and they just love each other so much. 

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