Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Barkley

Barkley quickly settled into life with us. Since he was still little and didn't have all his puppy shots he stayed inside a lot. He'll eventually be more of an outside dog than an inside dog, but I have to admit I have really enjoyed all the puppy time he's had in the house :) 

He LOVED jumping in my mustard greens. Normally, he'd get into trouble for jumping in the garden, but we were about to till these up anyway so I let him have fun. If he tries this in the summer garden, it'll be a different story though...

Sleeping on Eli's rug

Barkley earned the name "Mr. Pee Pants" after all the bathroom accidents he had, so Eli thought it would be funny to put some underwear on him. Barkley was less than thrilled. 

I'm partial but I think his coloring is just beautiful!

We discovered that he loves to sit in our lounge chairs by the pool. We find him like this a lot in the mornings after we let him outside. 

He still took lots of puppy naps :)

Isn't he just the cutest?

He also LOVES going on road trips. He was my passenger on a Sonic Happy Hour drink run. He was pretty pleased that he got to sit up front :)

Stay tuned for more Barkley pictures. He's definitely full of character :)

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