Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Door Hanger Mania

If you're friends with me in real life, you know how much I enjoy painting and being crafty. These are just some of the door hangers I've created for friends and family this year. Most of these ideas come from Pinterest so they're not original, but I still enjoy making them :) I just tweak each one a little to make it work for me. Josh keeps wanting me to do "real art" and not "cutesy art" but for now this is what makes me happy.

I started doing all this with customized birth announcements for the hospital door. I still love doing these and making them special for each new little baby :) 

Reversible basketball and baseball door hanger

Reversible softball and baseball door hanger

Personalized baseball ornament

Personalized softball ornaments

Personalized basketball ornament

Mason Jar with flowers

Matching mason jars for double doors

Reversible mason jar for spring/fall

With the holidays approaching, I loved making reversible autumn and Christmas door hangers. Doing them this way allowed you to get more use out of one door hanger. 


 That's just some of the ones I've made this year. I love making these for my friends and family :)

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