Friday, December 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend with Grandpa E

This year for Memorial Day weekend Grandpa E came in town to visit us. Eli and I had been out of school for a week at this point so we were already in full summer mode. The first thing we did with Grandpa E was go out to dinner with him at a local restaurant. Eli loves spending time with Grandpa E when he comes in town and always has lots of fun when he's here. 

Grandpa E loves fishing (so do we), so we made sure to take him fishing at our local community pond one day while he was here. He lives in the big city so he doesn't get to do things like this very often and we all had a great time. 

The fish weren't very big, but we enjoyed catching them no matter their size!

Eli caught the most this day out of all of us. He was a machine!

After a morning of fishing, we were all starving so we washed up at home and then headed to the Malt Shop. They have the best milkshakes in town (and the crunchiest ice) and we couldn't wait to have a cool treat. It was a great end to a fun weekend with Grandpa E!

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